The Story of Tom's Steak House - Tom's Steak House
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The Story of Tom’s Steak House

Chicago has long been famous for its steakhouses and Tom’s Steak House has an outstanding history in contributing to that reputation like few others. Not many restaurants can boast operating over half a century, but Tom’s has been an iconic Chicago steakhouse in the same location since 1952.


Tom’s Steak House provides families and business people alike with great cuts of steak at a reasonable price. Tom’s only serves USDA prime aged steaks, including the classic Filet Mignon, Prime Rib and New York Strip Steak and the succulent Bone-In Rib Eye. Though best known for its steaks, Tom’s also serves a variety of fresh seafood, salads, delicious appetizers and desserts as well.


Tom’s continued success comes not only from the quality of steak, but the unique preparation involved in perfecting the flavor. All steaks are cut daily and cooked over a charcoal broiler, which is, in short, broiling over an open fire. This stands in our opinion as the remote starting point and the very genesis of our art. It was the primeval notion of our forefather’s drive for progress; and motivated by an instinctive desire to eat with greater pleasure. It was the first culinary method ever employed and in our opinion has never been improved upon.


The steaks are then served in our signature “BRAZIER”, which is an oval warmer that holds burning charcoal in the lower compartment to insure that each cut of meat is served at the correct temperature. Every entrée is served with your choice of the soup of the day or the house salad with Tom’s famous carousel of homemade salad dressings—French, Russian Cream and Creamy Garlic—along with a freshly baked Idaho Russet Potato and served with cheese and chive sauce.


Great food is just part of the Tom’s Steakhouse experience. Our staff is committed to excellent service, and serving great food is their passion. We strive to provide unparalleled hospitality to each and every guest.